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Discover a Souvenir Worth Keeping

Last week, I had the opportunity to reconnect with the beauty of God’s creation and momentarily leave my own reality behind. Today, I want to encourage you to do the same.  Far too often, we get caught up in the world we’ve created. We hinge our feelings of fulfillment on our desire to achieve arbitrary goals based on our desire to be perceived a certain way and r our self-created worthiness scale.

But God didn’t intend it that way.

When we look beyond the world we created to the world God created, we can see that we’re magnificent creations that are imperfectly perfect. Right now. As is. We see that despite what others say about us, or the stories we tell ourselves, we are inherently worthy of experiencing all the blessings that God has given us. And we see that we’ve been given all we need to experience true joy. I was fortunate enough to be reminded of this last week, and I’m eager to share my experience with you.


Home Sweet Home

Today, I’m back from our amazing vacation. Our plane headed down the runway, leaving sunshine, sand, and surf behind and landed safely at midnight in the cold, grey, snowy place we call home sweet home.

Ouch. Hello, reality.

My cozy, warm bed definitely helped to soften the vacation blues. I actually slept more deeply than I did all week. But instead of waking up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day, I wanted to hide under my covers.

The weather outside my window; five suitcases bursting at the seams with still damp, sandy laundry; a crazy soccer coaching schedule for my husband that meant I was on my own to deal with the vacation aftermath; a barren kitchen that had nothing in it to satisfy my craving for a home-cooked meal with lots of organic veggies or my children’s simple need to eat; and my sizable business catch-up list made hiding under the covers much more appealing than facing the day.

Throughout the day, I consciously took little moments to close my eyes and reconnect with the joyful emotions I felt during our trip. Despite feeling overwhelmed, I ended up having a nice day. I attribute it to the souvenir I brought home.


My Wow! Moment

I knew Turks and Caicos would be gorgeous, but it far exceeded even what I’d imagined.

We wanted to see more of the island than our densely-populated beach, so we decided to venture out. Oh, was it worth it. We did two excursions: a unique snorkeling experience and visits to different uninhabited islands. Mind-blowing. Our feet sank into cool, white sand that was as soft as cotton. The water was crystal-clear all the way to the bottom. We saw tons of fish of every color and a coral reef with shades of blues and purples. The ocean was an aquamarine I had only seen in pictures. And the sky in the horizon cast a lavender shimmer off the waves.

What astounded me most was the knowledge that God, or Source, or whatever you call it, created it all. And He gave it to us just to enjoy, as all of nature, with no strings attached. As I took it all in, I had quite a Wow! Moment.

The same Source that created all of the magnificent scenes, like this one, across the world, created me.

In that moment, I felt a deep alignment between my essence and the essence of the beauty surrounding me. An absolute calm and heart-bursting joy washed over me. This feeling of fulfillment was what I wanted to bring home.


Tune into Nature to Reconnect

Life’s craziness dims our connection to our Divine essence. Sometimes we only experience it in fleeting moments. It takes discipline to take a break from what’s going on externally and reconnect to our internal nature.

But reminders are all around you. They’re available to you at any time. You don’t have to set any alarms or add anything to your calendar. All you need is to shift your eyes onto something divinely created. It could be a tree, the sun, a bird flying, or it could be your child, or a friend’s smile. And then close your eyes for a moment and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to feel a connection to your true nature. And say this affirmation:

“I am a Divine creation. My true nature is beautiful. My essence is magnificent. I was made in Love, for Love. I am imperfectly perfect.”

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