Why Self-Care is Self-Less (Part 2)

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Why Self-Care is Self-Less (Part 2)

6 Steps to Restore, Reconnect, and Shine!

1) Formally allow yourself to demonstrate self care daily.

Say out loud: “I give myself permission to take some time each day to show myself a little love. I deserve it. And so I will.” Hearing yourself say these words will introduce a new pattern of thinking. Absorb how saying these words out loud makes you feel.

2) Reaffirm this permission in writing.

If you have a journal, fantastic! Dust it off and start writing. If not, just grab a piece of paper and a pen and starting writing anywhere.


3) Self-assess.

Ask yourself three questions: 1. What makes me feel really good inside? 2. What would make me feel like my true self again? 3. What small behaviors can I do to reflect the kind of lifestyle I value? Brainstorm and write down what comes to mind. Circle the actions that resonate most.


4) Choose just one thing from your list.

If one doesn’t jump out at you, take a moment to close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Let your inner voice tell you what it needs the most. Will you find peace from taking a walk, from blasting some music and dancing with total abandon in the comfort of your living room or simply from taking that bath you’ve been longing for? Perhaps you want to schedule that lunch with your best friend, or get back to the gym and into a regular workout routine, or learn more about meditation. Maybe you’ve been bottling up your emotions and need to pour them into a journal. Decide what you want and need, and follow through.


5) Set yourself up for success.

Make the commitment, formulate a plan, and follow through. You owe it to yourself. Failing to follow through will ultimately increase the disconnect between you and your authentic spirit and prevent you from trusting yourself.

6) Take action now.

What can you do immediately to ensure your follow through? Ideas: Take out your calendar, block off the time you need and keep it protected (even it’s just five minutes). Text your friend about lunch. Look up the yoga schedule and pick a class. Call your husband and let him know that you will be locking yourself in the bathroom after the kids are in bed for a 15-minute bath.  

One small act of self-care will begin restoring your ability to trust yourself and help you reconnect with your spirit.

Imagine: As you begin to experience more self-love, the more expanded your heart will feel. The more expanded you feel, the more love your heart can hold. The more love you hold in your heart, the more you have to offer to others. The more you give and receive love, the brighter your light will shine!

Treating yourself with love and care also sends a powerful message to your children: that they deserve to treat themselves with love and care. The more they see you honor your mind, body, and spirit, the more they will learn to honor theirs. So…

Restore, Reconnect, and Shine!

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