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Now for your next step. Let’s explore if we’re a good fit.


Are you tired of the emotional ups and downs of attempted weight loss

and ready to discover a way of living that’s not only healthy but sustainable and enjoyable?



Have your self-care needs gotten buried under everything else? Need support reprioritizing YOU?


Do you struggle to get your family to buy into healthy living and feel that an invested, objective voice will help?


Do you feel maxed out by schedules, noise, clutter, and chaos and long for a sense of peace and calm?


Have you lost your spark and want to rediscover your authenticbeautifulsexy self?


 These are just a few of the areas where I’ve helped clients achieve success.

If any of this resonates with you, or you have your own unique blocks that you’d like to explore together, keep reading…

I use a holistic and realistic style based on 8 pillars:

Self-reflection. Knowledge. Exploration. Experimentation. Solutions. Mindfulness. Commitment. Self-love.

Your Coaching Benefits

You’ll create your wellness vision.

We’ll work to break through perceived limitations so you can make your vision a reality.


We’ll look beyond just your diet. We’ll crack open the emotions that pull you into unhealthy eating patterns.

You’ll develop a more positive, constructive relationship with food.


You’ll learn how to integrate a more refined – and realistic – way of eating

that nourishes your body and works with your lifestyle.


We’ll dissect the recurring obstacles that prevent you from sustained physical activity.

We’ll construct a well-rounded exercise plan that works with your schedule and that you enjoy.


You’ll be given a safe place to articulate your stress.

We’ll experiment with techniques that reduce your stress and increase your inner peace and fulfillment.


We’ll create a plan to incorporate more fun, love, and laughter, and ultimately, joy, in your life!


We’ll create opportunities for you to illuminate your Spirit.


You will experience accomplishments that make you say, “Wow! I feel amazing!”


As a coaching client, you’ll be granted access to my private Facebook group.

You’ll also receive special early-bird invitations to webinars and online courses.



Whether you are located close by or live far away, we can work together!


“12 Weeks to Wow!” Coaching Packages*:

Option #1:

2 In-Person Sessions per week fully customized to meet your needs (local customers, of course).

Option #2:

2 Virtual Sessions per week customized to meet your needs.

(*Individual Coaching Sessions also available.)


Are you ready to get started?

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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless.”  – Herophiles