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This is my goodie bag page I created for you. It’s where I share my favorite recipes, books, podcasts, essential oils, fitness gear, equipment, and more. Pick one, any one…


May Cause Miracles, by Gabby Bernstein

Gabby B. rocks! She gives a whole new meaning to the word miracle. Who doesn’t want more miracles in their life? What if you could see that they are happening all around you now? This book gives you a roadmap to make that happen.

The Essential Wayne Dyer Collection

I owe Wayne Dyer a world of gratitude for being the one who opened my eyes to the power of perception. Did you know we create our reality through our perceptions? This means that we have the power to change our life just by looking at it from a different angle.

21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace, by Wayne Dyer

I love love love this book. It’s a quick read that takes you through 21 steps that you can easily assimilate into your life. This book is where I began to find an inner peace that I longed for for many years.

Incredible You

A wonderful book to help articulate to your children how amazing they are!

I Am, by Wayne Dyer

My boys and I LOVE all of Wayne Dyer’s children’s books with their upbeat vibe, appealing illustrations, and important messages. This one always stimulates discussions around spirituality. The girl in this book captivates my youngest. I think it’s her eyes. He talks to her and even asks questions about her each time we read it. All of his books make wonderful gifts for anyone with little ones.

No Excuses, by Wayne Dyer

A great tool for helping your children understand what excuses are and how to move past them. Love it.


Inspired Conversations Podcast

I just started listening to this podcast after hearing the host being interviewed on the SoulFeed podcast. I will definitely be diving into this one.



Hay House Radio

I have to plug Hay House. Hay House publishes all my favorite spiritual and personal development books. Their radio station airs all day long and features a wide range of experts and authors in the personal development world. If you’re doing laundry or in the car, it’s a cool station to tune into to see if they are talking about a topic that interests you.



I love listening to this podcast when I want to hear about someone helping to shine some light in the world. The hosts are spiritually-based life coaches. When I first tuned in, I thought they were a little quirky. They’re both singers and they sprinkle a little singing into each episode. I wasn’t sure I could get into it but now I’m addicted. I love their upbeat energy and find all their guests very inspiring. Great podcast for anyone wanting to up their spiritual game.

Podcast Link

Live Loves You

If you struggle with self-defeating thought patterns, limiting thoughts, or feel like life doesn’t always support you, this book is for you.




Nutrition Diva Podcast

If you want to learn a lot about nutrition in short spurts of time, this podcast is for you. I love her because she believes in doing everything in moderation. She doesn’t tout any specific diet plan, just good old-fashioned nutrition. And her episodes are only 10 minutes long!

Podcast link

Loving Yourself to Great Health, Louise Hay

This is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to begin to understand how we can heal our bodies through our thoughts and food choices. It’s a powerful read.


Cookie and Kate Lentil Burgers with Avocado Harissa

I search for healthy food recipes all the time and often end up on this blog. I’ve tried several recipes and liked them all. I’ve also found that they are fairly easy and don’t require a long list of exotic ingredients. I LOVED these burgers! I do recommend topping them with fresh tomato in addition to the harissa. The harissa is spicy, though. Guacamole and salsa would be great substitutes.

Website link 

Crazy Sexy Juice, Kris Carr

If you want to get inspired to drink more green juice, check out this gem of an author. Kris Carr’s (who I got to meet at the Hay House conference!) writing style is like none I’ve ever read. She infuses incredibly descriptive, witty, empowering words into everything she writes. Even if you never make one juice, I guarantee you will enjoy reading her books!


Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown

For anyone who hasn’t already read this book, Brene Brown may be the most authentic, down-to-earth author I’ve ever come across. She teaches about the differences between shame and vulnerability in a genuine, and even witty, voice. Reading this book cracked open my courage, and for which, I will always be grateful.

Love Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton

To me, this is the sequel to Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown. Glennon challenges her fear of speaking her truth in this crazy-relatable biography. I put the lessons she learned into practice in my own life the day after I finished it and everyday since. If you need encouragement to speak your truth in a loving way, this book is for you.

Dry Brush

I am a newbie to dry brushing. The brushes came in such nice packaging that I felt like a got myself a special little gift. I love the facial brush. I use it a few times a week now that my Clarisonic broke. It’s so much less expensive and very effective. I don’t use the handle on the body brush. I just stick my hand through the band and get to scrubbin’!

Motivation Essential Oil by Miracle Essential Oils

I am in the experimentation phase with essential oils. I love this scent. I felt relief at my first inhale. And I finally took a bath in my soaking tub because I wanted to soak in it! It was amazing!


This diffuser looks so nice! It’s a beautiful wood grain. It has a timer you can set for 1, 3, or 6 hours. And Amazon offers this high quality diffuser for a great price.

Epsom Salt  

Yes plain ol’ Epsom salt. It’s amazing for detoxifying your body and soothing sore muscles. Soak in it in a warm bath with a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a true self-care experience. An organic lavender is the best choice for relaxation.


A wonderful, high-quality addition for a relaxing Epsom salt bath!


Vega One Energizer

My intense 5:30 am workouts happen because of this creatine-free, all-natural energizer. I take a half  scoop (I’m very sensitive to caffeine and can only handle half) as soon as I wake up. I don’t get a rush or that hot feeling that I’ve experienced when I’ve tried my husband’s pre-workout drinks. This one just rids me of morning fogginess and wakes me up. But be warned. It doesn’t taste good. There’s no fake sweeteners, but a small price to pay to know that I am giving my body a double-whammy of goodness — all pure ingredients and a killer workout!

7 Workouts for 7 Moods, Rupa Mehta

I totally dig this woman! Her work is so up my alley. I will share more about her work in my blog. But for space reasons I will focus on this book, which is so different from other books in this genre. How many times have you woken up knowing you should workout but your anxiety or fatigue got the better of you? Or you had extra energy but your workout didn’t quite match up to your energy level? Rupa provides you with 7 workouts that you can do depending on your mood. Yes, your mood! It’s like sliding on a pair of slippers when your feet are cold. She created these workouts so you can experience feel-good synchronicity between your emotional state and physical output. No excuses necessary.

Adjustable Dumbbells

I felt hesitant when my husband brought these square-shaped dumbbells home several years ago now. Square? But I’ve learned to love them. They lock into place so they don’t spin like my round adjustables weights do. I can also use them for floor exercises (ex. Plank rows) and don’t have to worry about ripping my rotator cuff. Bonus!

Adjustable Dumbbells Stand

This sturdy stand sits nicely in the corner and takes up very little space.


Map My Run App

I’ve used this app and the Nike app for running. My brother would argue that the Nike app is better, but I like this one. I use the free version and it does everything I need it to do for my runs. Perhaps I would upgrade this one or venture to Nike during an intensive training program. For an everyday running app, this one fits the bill.

App link


Seconds App

This is a great app for creating HIIT, Tabata, and Circuit workouts. I use this timer to create workouts that are as intense as my group exercise workouts. It’s free and super simple to use.

App link