Why Self­-Care is Self-Less (Part 1)

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Why Self­-Care is Self-Less (Part 1)


Family life can be blissful. Precious faces. Hugs. Kisses. Giggles. Tickling. Belly laughing.

Cuddles. Tender moments. Milestones. Deep connections. Unconditional love.


These wonderful gifts drive us to put our own needs aside for the sake of our families. It goes without saying that parenting requires sacrifice. But sacrificing our own needs too often can cause us to lose touch with the part of ourselves that makes us feel alive…the part of ourselves that reflects our true spirit.

Our Many Hats

We constantly change our hats according to others’ needs. The helper hat. The chef hat. The drill sergeant hat. The negotiator hat. The driver hat. The cheerleader hat. The coach hat. The clown hat. The event planning hat. The organizer hat. The housekeeper hat. The financial manager hat. The sex goddess hat (well, hopefully). We always strive to meet the needs of everyone around us.

What’s Left for You?

Most of your hats help you care for your family. How often do you put on your self­-care hat and offer life-­affirming gifts to yourself?

Does any of this sound familiar?: “I’m exhausted, but I have too much to do to take a nap.” “I’d like to exercise more often, but things are always coming up that get in my way.” “I’d love to soak in a hot bath, but by the time I’m done with all I have to do, I’m too tired.” “I want to have lunch with a friend, but we can’t seem to find a time when we can both get away for a few hours.” “I’d love to train for a run, but I can’t fit it into my already crazy schedule.” 

If it does, perhaps it’s time to find your self-care hat.

The Ugly Consequences

Over time, ignoring own needs can make us feel unworthy. Not listening to our inner cues can erode our trust in our ourselves and make us feel insecure. Not showing ourselves compassion can make us experience resentment. And not showing ourselves love can lead to feelings of discontent and loneliness. Ultimately, the more we ignore our needs, the more we rely on external, short-term mood lifters (food, possessions, media) instead of seeking internal fulfillment and lasting joy. And beware, the qualities that we feel on the inside, consciously or unconsciously, are the qualities that we reflect outwardly to the people in our lives who matter most. 

So how can we change this? What can we do to create more balance and realign our priorities to include our needs? How can we restore our spirit and experience more compassion, more fulfillment, and more joy?

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